Since 2014, the Hydrous has explored marine ecosystems in Hawaii, Easter Island, Palau, Guam, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Belize, and the Maldives (flagship destination).


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Photo by Kiran Punnilathil 

Photo by Kiran Punnilathil 


april 22-23, 2017

Engage with local scientists and divers in the beautiful coastal Pacific waters among kelp forests and sea lions. Learn how to contribute as an eco-friendly citizen scientist and join workshops in underwater photography and data collection that will go towards research.  

Maldives Expedition 2015

Maldives Expedition 2015


Dec 9-16, 2017

Map coral reefs with our 3D methodology, learn how to conduct scientific surveys, and improve your underwater photography skills! We invite you to explore some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world onboard a luxury dive charter and to become part of the worldwide Hydrous community of scientists, designers, big-thinkers, and problem-solvers.

Photo by Rick Miskiv

Photo by Rick Miskiv


January 2018

The Republic of Palau is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean, about 528 mi (650 km) southeast of the Philippines. The country contains approximately 250 islands, and offers world-class diving. This Expedition will be for experienced scuba divers only. More information to follow!

Why the Maldives? 

The Maldives are comprised of 1,200 islands and atolls in the Indian Ocean. Many of the islands lie just about 1 meter above sea level (to put this into perspective, a dolphin can jump almost 8 meters high), making them vulnerable to many challenges brought on by sea level rise and climate change. The benefits of coral reefs reach us thousands of miles away in the oxygen we breathe to the food we eat, but the distance can make these islands seem ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ These islands contribute a fraction of global greenhouse gas emissions, yet they are among the first to suffer from the effects of climate change. We work with our counterparts in the Maldives to collect footage and bring to light the crises the Maldives face so we may be able to act effectively and experience the beauty and value of coral reefs and oceans for years to come.