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Our expeditions combine science, design, and frontier technologies to experience, understand, and share beautiful and threatened ocean environments, especially coral reefs. Participants are invited to join the Hydrous community of scientists, educators, tech professionals, divers, and creative minds to learn together, share adventures, and find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Since 2014, the Hydrous has explored marine ecosystems in California, Hawaii, Easter Island, Palau, Japan, Guam, Indonesia, and the Maldives (flagship destination). 

Joining expeditions supports the Hydrous mission of ocean education and conservation. 

Check back here for updates on upcoming trips! 

Upcoming Expeditions:


October 2018

Details to come

Past Expeditions

Hydrous map

Palau 2018

Maldives 2017

Maldives 2016

Japan 2016

Monterey 2016

Maldives 2015

Bali 2015

Easter Island 2015

Palau 2014

Guam 2014

Solomon Islands 2014

Hawaii 2014

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