Our overarching purpose at the Hydrous is to enhance awareness of ocean science, and expand understanding of beautiful and threatened marine ecosystems.


You can learn about the latest ocean discoveries by attending Hydrous events, exploring our website, and following us on social media. You can invite us to visit your organization or school to learn about coral reefs and their ecological, social, and economic importance. Together we can foster ocean and science learning. 


Scientific research


Hydrous team members participate in fundamental research relevant to the coral reefs and marine ecosystems. Many Hydrous Ambassadors are research scientists, and CEO Erika Woolsey remains active in the marine science community through fieldwork, publishing, conferences, and workshops.

Scientists around the world use our underwater photogrammetry methods and data we collect contribute to ongoing research and long-term monitoring projects. 





Hydrous team members are available to give tailored speeches and host workshops with your organization, on topics ranging from general science communication to climate change, ocean acidification, photogrammetry, virtual reality, and more. In addition, they are prepared to give lessons to classrooms or informal learning environments on request. 

education kits

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In efforts to bring hands-on science to students and offer resources to support teachers, the Hydrous is designing mobile education kits that can easily be transported to

These kits support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and feature 360º exploration, science resources, group activities, and introduction to reality capture and 3D printing.