The mission of the Hydrous is to create ‘open access oceans’ so that all people may explore, understand, and engage with marine environments, which are severely threatened by climate change and human impacts.


The Problem

DataSETs don't spark emotional investment

Our ocean ecosystems are suffering from the combined effects of climate change and direct human impacts. However, a gap remains between cutting edge science and public understanding. Most people cannot experience the depths of the oceans. Would you feel compelled to protect something you can't see? Because of these reasons, we are disconnected to the beauty and issues our oceans face, and the responsibility for solution becomes less important.


The Solution



3D models of the world's coral reefs helps scientists study them while introducing the public to their beauty and fragility. As we thrive in the digital century, these beautiful, non-invasive specimens compliment the accessibility of innovative technology such as virtual reality (VR), which transports you to a different reality with just a headset. In the evolution of medium, VR captivates you to feel present in an alternative perspective that you couldn’t have otherwise.


sand bank 8.jpg

New medium for storytelling

Design lets us combine the fields of science, art, and storytelling to create emotional understanding. Developing 3D models with unprecedented detail and precision creates previously impossible ways to study and monitor coral reefs. Beautiful imagery, augmented and interactive components, and freedom of movement overlaid with science curriculum harnesses emotion as a channel for connection to ocean appreciation and understanding. Caring and curiosity for the ocean will ultimately unite us in solutions to protect and share our one ocean.


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Ocean stewards

As sophisticated tools allow scientists to interact with fragile and endangered marine ecosystems, they also build intellectual and emotional investment in the ocean among people who will never see or swim in it. VR is transcending every industry, from entertainment to healthcare and education. As VR continues to advance, so does the Hydrous with user experiences - through storylines, educational applications, and advocating for fun and beauty of the ocean.