Imagine if you were able to explore coral reefs of the world, swim the depths of the ocean, and dive with marine animals - all without having to leave a classroom or even get wet?

Never before has underwater virtual reality (VR) videography been collected in the Maldives - until our recent expedition. We are creating three educational products in 2017 that will engage audiences in a new frontier to discover their world and feel connected with oceans and communities.


Partnering with Hiverlab, Hydrous delivers immersive storytelling supplemented with science curriculum to individuals, schools and educators.


A sensory and interactive exhibit with display of content on surrounding screens accompanied by auditory sensations and physical 3D coral models.

VR FILM, Mobile app

Stay tuned in 2017 for a VR film that takes viewers on a dive, showcasing the beauty of the oceans, and the hardships that coral reefs and the Maldives face.

360 Photo Spheres

Virtual Reality Advertising & 360 Video VR Player

The Hydrous has partnered with Google Expeditions to enable teachers to bring students on virtual field trips through 360 degree panoramas with supporting materials that can be used alongside existing curriculum. Download the Expeditions or Streetview app to view the 360-degree panoramas from Hydrous excursions on your headset, or explore the photo spheres online.